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Modern medicine recognizes more than 100 types of joint conditions. It is one of the most common chronic and degenerative health problems in the world. Causes can be attributed to injury, infections, metabolic conditions, or even tumors but the main cause is from a toxic condition. Arthritis is mainly a Vata (air) disease which involves pain and weakening of the bones (the main Vata tissue in the body). In most cases the causes remain unknown to western medicine. Disorders are also related to age, sex and weather conditions. Ayurveda also cites causes related to digestive disorders. We manufacturer, exporter and supplier of herbal joint care capsules and natural herbal arthritis remedies.


Main Causes and Development

Causes include both internal and external factors. Arthritis is more common in windy, damp and stormy climates. It is related to weak digestion which causes the accumulation of toxins in the joints, as we age our digestive power weakens. Poor colon function allows the toxins to accumulate and be reabsorbed back into the blood stream and settle in the joints where circulation is reduced. Eating incompatible food combinations, foods which create toxins, lack of exercise or exercising after eating fatty foods or poor digestion, produces ama (undigested food toxins).

Ama associated with Vata (internal moving body air) quickly moves to different parts of the body and accumulates where circulation is sluggish or slow such as the hands, knees and other bone joints filling the blood vessels with a waxy type material. It is also more common in old age when Vata naturally increases in the body. Meat diet, foods such as ice cream, to much concentrated dairy such as aged cheese or globs of sour cream or cheese with your meals, cold foods especially during cold weather which weaken the digestion, heavy cakes, pastries and candies, packaged and processed foods with little fiber are the main dietary causes. Gas producing vegetables and legumes also create more internal air which pushes the toxins into the joints. This ama blocks tissue pores and passages. This causes heaviness and weakness of the heart which becomes the seat of the disease.

Vata Type

Most common type. Severe, throbbing and cutting pain that is variable and migrating.This becomes worse in cold weather or when cold water comes in contact with the affected joints.

Other symptoms include dry or scaly skin, stiff or cracking joints, bone deformities, gas, abdominal distention, low back pain, nervousness, fear, anxiety and insomnia.

The pain is relieved by heat. Constipation is usually a symptom. Body types will usually be thin. Best to live in a tropical climate and follow a Vata diet

Pitta Type

Second common. There will be a burning sensation with redness and inflammation which becomes worse in hot weather or from hot water. Diarrhea, loose stool, anger, sweating, fever, irritability are usually present. With Pitta type it is recommended to use bitter herbs in combination with heating ones. Best to live in a cold climate and follow a Pitta diet.

Kapha Type

Least common. There will be itching, swelling or loss of movement and edema without inflammation around the joints. It becomes worse in cold, damp or wet weather. Other symptoms may be heaviness, aches, oily skin, congestion or mucus in the stool. Pain is relieved by heat or hot-dry weather. Best to live in a hot-dry climate and follow a Kapha diet.

Combinations : One may also have a combination of the symptoms from the three types so treatment by your Ayurvedic doctor may vary accordingly.


One may also have a combination of the symptoms from the three types so treatment by your Ayurvedic doctor may vary accordingly. Treatment: Externally, Medicated sesame oil helps loosen stiff joints, clears toxins, nourishes tissues, relieves pain, counteracts the aging process, beautifies the skin, improves circulation, regenerates the nerves. This oil should be applied daily by massaging it into the effected parts. Sesame oil enemas can be taken once a week. A tablespoon of castor oil or Triphala can be taken every other day to keep help clear the colon. Diet should be according to the symptoms you have. If you have mostly the vata symptoms you should follow a Vata reducing diet. Gout is treated the same. If you have a serious disease, we suggest that you consult a qualified doctor who understands alternative health care before combining herbs with allopathic medicine. We suggest that you take herbs based on your faith and knowledge of Ayurveda. If you do not have that faith and knowledge we suggest that you read a book or two on the subject or at least read the link History of Ayurveda.

More on Guggulu!

Indian Bdellium, which is called by the name Guggulu in India (It is also known as Commiphora Mukul), is one of the most trusted herbs which can be used as a purifying agent, a tonic that helps rejuvenate our cells/tissues, and plays an important role in balancing nervous system and solve reproductive system related complaints etc. It is also considered for its use in solving and controlling menstruation cycle related problems.

Guggulu as described above, possesses purifying qualities, which help in purifying blood by removing toxins and other impurities from blood. As it cleanses blood and removes impurities, it also helps our cells to rejuvenate and become fresh and active.

Its cleansing qualities are very effective in treatment of various skin disorders/diseases. For those who are suffering from skin related problems and various infections, Guggulu can help them in finding some relief as it helps in stimulation of Phagocytosis by increasing leukocytes level in the blood. The skin, kidneys, mucous membranes and many other internal organs omit this; this activity helps in keeping our body safe from getting infected. Guggulu is considered to be one of the most effective disinfectants that help our body in getting rid of the unwanted elements/substances naturally. It also helps in removing/reducing some type of unwanted tumors from our body (which are caused by infection).

Along with cleansing the body, Guggulu also helps in reducing the level of Cholesterol from the blood. Guggulu is used in the weight control medicines/supplement as it helps in buring/reducing unwanted extra fat from our body in the most natural way.

Guggulu is very helpful in conditions such as arthritis (a condition caused due to 'Vata & Pitta Dosha') in which the patient suffers from the pain (Vata Dosha) caused in the joints and also in cells/tissues. The other main reason of arthritis is, the toxic substance (which is caused due to some problem in digestive system, which results in half digested food which is referred as 'AMA' (TOXIN)) that gets accumulated in the tissues of body and induces the effect of pain in the body. As guggulu is very helpful in improving the digestive system and it also helps in removing toxins from our body, it can be used effectively in treatment of arthritis. (Trifala Guggulu is mainly used in the treatment of arthritis; it also eases the inflammatory conditions).

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