Gokshura Capsules

  • Helps to Support the Urinary System
  • Helps to Mainarin a Healthy Urinary Function
  • Very Good for the Kideny Functioning
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Gokshura is an important and highly effective Ayurvedic herb for the kidneys. It is an effective rejuvenator of kidney and reproductive health and helps in maintaining effective urinary functions. A diuretic drug, Gokshura is useful in reducing renal discomfort and can be used for various problems such as urolithiasis, dysuria, impotence and kidney dysfunction.

Dietary Supplement

We are gokshura herb suppliers which are high quality pure extract with maximum potency. Used as a dietary Supplement, Gokhru improves the flow of urine, soothes the membrane of the urinary tract and inhibits the production of oxalates. The herb is also used in Ayurvedic to boost hormone production in men and women, urinary tract problems, itchy skin and blood purification.

Gokhru is known as a cooling, analgesic, rejuvenating, and diuretic ayurvedic herb, used for painful micturition, urinary calculi and infections. Gokhru is also known to be useful for reproductive systems and stimulates the hormone production in the body, increases stamina and muscle energy level due to the presence of Saponins in it. It exerts dilating action on coronary arteries and helps in improving blood circulation.

  • High quality of raw material used
  • Cost effective
  • No side effect and can be used during normal health conditions
  • Wide medical usage such as in Urolithiasis, Dysuria, kidney dysfunction and impotence
  • Enhance the life of kidney

Cleanses And Nourishes The Organs

Stress and toxins from the environment and food can be debilitating to the kidneys and adrenal glands over time thereby reducing energy levels and increasing fatigue. Gokshura is considered as a cleanser and nourisher of these organs and infuses them with strength and improving resilience to such health challenges.

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