Breast Upliftment


  • Improves Confidence
  • Improves Self esteem
  • Improves Structure

Uplift is a natural herbal supplement. In order to cater to the diverse requirements of valued clients, we are offering a superior range of Breast Uplifters. This product offered by us is formulated utilizing high grade ingredients, sourced from the reliable vendors of market. This range is highly appreciated in market for its capability to ease the uplifting process of breasts in women. In addition to this, the offered range is widely acclaimed among the patrons, owing to its capability to balance female hormones and prompt fuller, filler and uplifted breast.



Uplift Oil

  • Breast massage
  • Improves Confidence
  • Improves Self esteem
  • Improves Structure

Uplift Oil made of almond oil and other exotic herbs like Aspargus Racemosus, Sida cordifolia,Withania somnifera, Acacia catechu, Punica granatum is a fantastic boon for girls and women whose breast development is not up to the mark. Women having smaller breast suffer from low confidence level, hesitation, and are always self conscious. Uplift oil should be used every day for a proper massageof the breast tissue. The oil is applied on the breast and give a circular movement with the finger tips to be done gently. Its herbal actions are very safe and giving quick results. Women  her self esteem being increased by adding to her feminine beauty.



What is hanging breast?

inking between the ends of a thing, in consequence of its own, or an imposed, weight; an arching downward in the middle, as of a ship after straining.

Causes of hanging breast?

The common cause for hanging breast is when a woman loses weight. When you lose weight, some of that fat disappears from your breasts. Typically the skin and the ligaments inside the breasts do not retract accordingly, resulting in an 'empty' looking breast that then hanging. When the gravity pulls the breasts down, those ligaments and the skin can stretch, and so the breast then droops. This depends on the elasticity of your skin and of your ligaments, as determined by your genes and diet, and also on normal aging processes. Obviously large breasts will loose easier since the gravity is pulling them down more.

What are the Ingredients?

UPLIFT contains Trigonella Foenumgraeceum, Asparagus Adscendens, Hordeum Vulgars, Leptadenia Reticulata, Foeniculum Vulgare.

How do I use UPLIFT?

Simply take 2 pills daily  2 times with a meal. One course contains 360 capsules.

Why are UPLIFT Capsules so effective ?

Uplift contains a blend of herbs that stimulate your body to produce new breast tissue growth. Your body responds to UPLIFT the way it responds to puberty or pregnancy; with renewed glandular tissue growth in the breast receptor sites.

How likely is it that Uplift Capsules will work for me?

Most women experience a noticeable improvement in fullness and toning in the breast area, so there is a high probability of success for you. Women with a cup size of 'A or B' often report an increase of one to two cup sizes. Differences in individual metabolism and body chemistry obviously determine the outcome for you personally.

Are UPLIFT Capsules safe for me to use?

UPLIFT is an all-natural herbal dietary supplement containing absolutely no additives or fillers. There are no known negative side effects. *Before taking any dietary supplement, women with special medical conditions, pregnant or lactating are encouraged to consult with their physician first .

What makes UPLIFT different and why is it more effective?

Sriramherbals is committed to providing you with the most powerful, innovative dietary supplements in the market made from only the finest quality ingredients available. UPLIFT uses more of the Ingredients that are known to promote breast growth.

How long will it take before I start noticing results?

Most women begin to see results in 5 to 7 weeks. However, results may vary due to differences in individual metabolic rates and body chemistry. Within the first 4 weeks you will notice an increase in fullness and firmness; this is the first sign that UPLIFT is working.

How much growth can I expect?

Women using UPLIFT capsules experience amazing improvements in both firmness and fullness of their breasts, with increases of one, to two, full- cup sizes.

Will UPLIFT cause weight gain?

No! UPLIFT facilitates the development of the mammary glands by exerting mild estrogenic effects and helping to balance the female hormonal system. There have been no reports of women experiencing weight gain because of using UPLIFT

My breasts have begun to lose elasticity, am I to old to think of doing something about it now?

UPLIFT capsules can normally help get back fullness and firmness as well as help with menopausal symptoms, PMS and other discomforts.

I have breast implants and it has started "sagging" now. Can UPLIFT help?

According to our customers, yes. We have had numerous reports of women using UPLIFT post-operation to enhance the appearance of their implants. Women who have had breast implants can expect the same growth as any other woman as long as there is no damage to the breast tissue from surgery. It can help with dimpling, sagging, & other aging effects.

Once I have achieved the growth I desire will I maintain the size?

We recommend that once you reach the desired size, you should reduce your dosage to just one capsule daily for an additional 90 days.

I'm confused on how much of the product to purchase. Would one month be enough, or do you think I would need more?

Realistically, six months is typically the standard time frame for significant tissue growth. We recommend that once you reach the desired size, that will be in approximately 40 to 60 days, you should reduce your dose to just one capsule daily for an additional 90 days.

  • Gives satisfaction
  • Improves physical appearance
  • Serves as a fulfillment factor

* For Best Results We Recommend 3 Months Course


While many of us may not be happy with the appearance of our breasts, it is good to know that we come in all sizes and shapes, and we can actually improve their appearance - whether it be increasing their size, enhancing the shape and contour, or adding to the firmness and beauty of the female form. If we are not happy with our current breast size and appearance, we now have the knowledge and resources to do something about it.

The development of small amounts of breast tissue is usually the first sign of puberty in girls. Some girls notice breast growth and substantial breast size increase as early as 8 years old, while others don't start maturing until age 13 or 14 or later. The timing is determined by the individual's biological "clock" that tells your body to start producing high levels of the female hormones estrogen and other hormones such as progesterone and other estrogens. Breasts go through about 5 stages of maturity over the next five to six years, until they reach their full growth potential by age 17 or 18. If, for some reason the breast growth cycle is never fully completed, there are natural breast size increasing options that are both a realistic and safe option to surgical breast augmentation.

While breast size is mostly determined by genetics and hormonal levels in the individual during puberty and even various stages of life such as pregnancy, there are also some environmental, or outside, factors that have been hypothesized to play a role in the size of a full grown women's breasts.

Increasing Breast Size Naturally - What Are Your Options for Working with What You Have?

Women who may have been malnourished, exercised obsessively, or dieted a lot in their teen years may have experienced stunted breast growth, or an incomplete cycle of full breast maturity, leaving them with a smaller sized bust than they may have had on a healthy and balanced diet in the formative breast growth stages. This is all conjecture, but it does make sense if you think about it. The breasts are - in essence - "extra" tissue that the body does not really need to sustain itself, rather they serve the biological purposes of motherhood. See why we know you can increase your breast size naturally. It's worked for many women already.

This is why the first thing most women (most, not all) say they notice shrinks and loses size and volume when they lose weight, is their breasts. For some, this may be a blessing, for others, they want to hold on to all of the fullness in their breasts they can, as breasts are viewed in our society as an object of sexual allure and femininity, and most women want to increase their breast size rather than decrease the size.

Even if your breasts did reach full maturity, but you are still unhappy with their size, breast supplements may work for you! There are many different formulas offered, and some correct the under-development of breasts during the teen years, where as others focus on stimulating new mammarial tissue growth, which is the same process which makes your breasts grow when you are pregnant.

The UPLIFT breast product is a perfect product for women concerned about increasing breast size while not gaining any weight or even losing weight, as it allows the breasts to grow naturally while not putting any additional weight on in any other areas of the body.

FAQ's For Breast Development

Common Causes Of Sagging Breast:

Sagging or drooping of breasts is a natural, inevitable process that happens to all women at some point - except to those with fairly small breasts.

The most notable sagging happens with the process called breast involution (see below), but breasts can start drooping a little at any age, because they do NOT have muscles in them.  They have ligaments and connective tissue.

When the gravity pulls the breasts down, those ligaments and the skin can stretch, and so the breast then droops. This depends on the elasticity of your skin and of your ligaments, as determined by your genes and diet, and also on normal aging processes. Obviously large breasts will sag easier since the gravity is pulling them down more. When breasts bounce during active sports, such as tennis, those ligaments can also be stretched or even torn. A good sports bra can minimize that effect.

Breast involution is a process where the milk-making system inside the breast shrinks because it is not needed anymore. This happens either after weaning, or right after pregnancy if the woman does not breastfeed at all, or during menopause. When the tissues inside the breast shrink, and the skin surrounding it doesn't, the breast can look "empty" and saggy. After weaning, a woman's body does usually deposit fat back to the breast (this process takes months), so that breasts will gain their pre-pregnancy size, but sagging usually remains.

Another common cause for sagging is when a woman loses weight. When you lose weight, some of that fat disappears from your breasts. Typically the skin and the ligaments inside the breasts do not retract accordingly, resulting in an 'empty' looking breast that then sags.

How To Increase Breast Size:

There are varieties of options to choose from. It depends on the type that will suit your body the most. As you know, our body reacts to various things in different ways. You should put this into consideration when thinking of the method that will be best for you to increase the size of your breast.


It is possible for you to enlarge your boobs by undergoing the pain of the knife, which is usually called surgery. You should also know that there are a lot of complications involve in breast enlargement through surgery.


Simple breast exercise like massaging can have a great impact on your breast. It will aid you breast to remain healthy and attain its maximum growth rate.

Uplift (Breast Enlargement Capsules)

UPLIFT breast enhancement pills which you can take to increase the size of your boobs.Pills work very well for enlarging the breast once you get your hands on the effective ones.

Breast pump

There are pumps made exclusive for the enlargement of the breast. But they work temporarily and they won't give you a permanent increase in the size of your breast.


There are some foods that will make your breast to grow even if you have attained your maximum growth rate. Foods like flax seeds, whole grains, fruits and vegetables are all good for breast growth. The best out of all these foods is flax seeds.

How To Increase Breast Size Naturally:

Increase Breast Size - Home Remedies and Exercise for Better and Bigger Breasts.

No, you are not alone in your desire. And there is no need to feel embarrassed or shy about it. Having a well-filled breast is almost every woman's dream. Here are a few tips that will help you increase your breast size naturally:

1. One of the easiest things you could do to make your breasts look bigger is to wear padded bras.

2. Wear appropriate clothing that will make your breasts look bigger. Certain clothes make you look flat, while others enhance your figure.

3. Swinging arms clock-wise and then anti-clock-wise for eight counts is of great help. Use the pestle and mortar instead of the mixer for all your grinding work.

4. Massage in circular motions applying pressure on the upward area is known to work.

5. Stand facing a wall at arm's length.

6. Place palms on the wall. Push against the wall as if you were pushing it away, without bending arms at the elbow. Hold for eight counts and relax arms for eight counts. Repeat this eight to twenty times a day.

7. Sesame Seeds are very effective in firming and enlarging the breasts of women. This seed is made up of calcium, protein, iron and phosphorous and should be included in one's daily diet. The oil also can be applied on the breast.

8. In recent years, the addition of some chemicals and oestrogens to some meats such as chicken and beef has been thought to be a cause of larger breasts in teens and young women.

9. Foods containing high sugar content also alter size, but the effect is an allover weight gain. Increasing alcohol consumption has also been thought to be part of the cause of larger breasts in the past few years.

10. Low fat dairy products may also help.

11. Grape seeds extract also increases breast.

12. UPLIFT(BREAST ENLARGEMENT CAPSULES) are natural contain fenugreek.

13. Patience is key when using natural breast enhancement products. It does take time, and how much time varies with each individual.

Some women experience significant increase within just a few weeks, while it may take others longer. . This is a natural method because the capsules are made from all natural ingredients to stimulate the growth of breast tissues that makes your breast fuller and bigger.

Breast Enlargement Exercises:

The bench press named exercise is one of the useful exercise in your case. Just try this out!

The best exercise for shaping and firming your bust line is the bench press, which not only targets your bust line and flatters your figure, but also sculpts your shoulders and tightens the backs of your upper arms.


- Pair of dumbbells Bench

Method of doing the Bench press exercise:

1. Lie flat on a bench, with your feet on the floor, one foot on each side of the bench.

2. Keep your head, shoulders, back and butt firmly positioned on the bench.

3. Roll your shoulders back and down so the shoulder blades are firmly pressed against the bench and the chest is sticking up with slightly arched.

4. Keep the dumbbells about 18 inches apart and parallel to the floor with your palms facing upwards if the grip is wider the outer area of the chest is worked more.

5. Slowly push the dumbbells straight up, away from your chest.

6. Fully extend your arms so that the dumbbells are directly above your chest. Pause slightly at the top of the movement then slowly lower the dumbbells back down to the starting position.

7. Inhale and hold your breath as you lower the dumbbells. When they reach the chest, begin to move the weight upward again.
Exhale as you pass the point of greatest resistance

1. 8 to 12 lifts are considered a set. Do about 1 to 3 sets at a session.

2. Do about 3 times per week, and let there be one day of rest between each time.

3. Don't forget to breathe.

4. Each round should take approximately 7 seconds. (3 seconds to lift, pause for a second and 3 seconds to lower).

5. To keep the shoulders from doing too much work, don't allow them to come off the bench. They should remain flat on the bench throughout the exercise.

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